Site Updates: Features Section & Twitter Feed

I’ve added lots of additional content to the site, to help make it an even better place for fans of Travian to visit.

The biggest new additon is the new Features Page, which you can click on in the top row. This page will have a lot of great bonus content on it which visitors to this site will find useful. Here are the various sections on it and what they’re for:

Best of the Blog:

I enjoy updating the blog daily, so that regular visitors always have something new to read. But that means that new readers miss out on the best posts because they get moved down the Blog quickly. I’ll be using this section to collect this Blog’s best posts so they can always be easily found.


Pretty self explanatory. I’ll link to anything that I think might be of interest to fans of this site, such as other online games. One interesting link I’ve added is the Beta of Imperion, the new game made by the same company that makes Travian.


Now and again I plan on doing interviews with Travian players and maybe people behind the game as well, like Support crew or Multihunters. Right now I just have one, an interview I did with the leader of a Travian Role-playing alliance, the always entertaining Chief Baggi from Shadowclan. I’ll try to do one interview per month.


This section will give me a place to put anything else I think might of interest. I’ve put links to the Travian Wallpapers that I mentioned in this post, and I’ve found two other new Wallpapers that weren’t in the initial link, Equites Legati and the Imperian. Here’s a preview of the Imperian one:

Imperian Wallpaper


– Anoter new thing to the site is my Twitter feed. After Travian UK started using Twitter, I thought that I might as well do it too. This way I can keep people updated about what’s going on with the site. My Twitter account is located here: But you can also read my Twitter updates on the right side column of this website, because I’ve added my Twitter feed there. If any readers are Twitterers, be sure to follow me!

– On my first post on this site, I said that I wanted to keep my Blog posts short & snappy, especially my news posts. I haven’t really been doing that though… my last news post was pretty freaking long. But from now on I am going to try to keep my news posts brief. I don’t want to be posting a big 1000+ word rant every day, I’m going to try to keep to a 400 word maximum. (I’ll still do longer posts when I’m doing Endgame coverage or doing feature stories). So expect more short posts, more often.


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