Speech from the leader of S3.com’s Winning Alliance

Travian Champions is pleased to present this victory speech from the leader of Loner, the winning alliance of S3.com 08-09:


I am proud of each and every one of you. You all played a huge and integral part of what has occurred now. You stuck this fight till the end and stayed together with much of the server under constant attack. We all sacrificed villages to defend a friend. You all took orders as given and stayed the course, without question and without fear. That is LONER. We held the line against Rangers and we did it with honesty, courage, integrity and skill, together.

I would like to say that I never wavered, but that would not be true. Their were moments that challenged me greatly and their were times as some of you know I had considered capitulating to protect us and all of you had agreed to follow one another’s judgment and especially TwysT’s, Yme’s and mine. For that I truly thank you. We will see the end result of our one year efforts and the trying times of the past 7 months especially.

One of my favorite sayings is: “It is not the size of the dog in a fight, but the size of the fight in the dog that matters.” Loner was small, but skilled in many areas. We had the time to get to know one another and utilize everyone skills accordingly. Planning, strategy, diplomacy, attacking, raiding, killing, etc….

We designed our armies for grinding players down, very much like a wolf pack, not great huge hammers for World Wonder killing. I had three armies for most of the Server, not one. Cfgonzy had like 5 different armies, a few of them in the 15 to 20K range and one in the 40K and another in the 100K range. Instead of us having one big 100 to 200K army, several of us had 100 to 200K worth of troops, but split between three to five armies. We did not sim our armies as we were under constant attacks; we had to kill our enemies so that meant adapting. Being able to come from multiple directions, to fake out Rangers, to be able to afford to lose one of our army villages. I had armies in my capital, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, 3-8, etc…… Our army counts were very high, but not as concentrated as others. Half of us had multiple smaller hammers and a few of use had one solid hammer, and we used those to kill players. Never did we plan to be WW busters.

TwysT, Yme and I spent a lot of time getting to know everyone on the server: SOB, Cupcake, Redbosn, Angus, Caeser, Theatan, etc.. etc.. etc.. We may not have talked a lot directly to everyone, but we read posts, IGM’s, talked to others about character, motivation, etc…. “To fight against and with people, one should truly get to know them.” It helps in predicting people’s strategies, actions, reactions, etc… I never dealt with spies or pumped people for real information, the information I wanted could only be gained by discussion. When we had to we changed, went defensive, went offensive, support each other with resources, with troops, with anything.

Many wondered how could TWYST’S World Wonder win? There was a way, by not trying to “win”. By playing, by fighting, by thinking, by using everything we had and giving it our all. Those who know me know how I think, never try too hard to win, just try hard to not allow others to win. Play for a draw and have fun at it. See and love the frustration in the voices, faces and eyes of your enemies. That is winning

We held and now we all see what the end brings. Victory, one for the record books as thousands will not forget the name LONER.


Special thanks goes out to the following;

WaR-FWH (the whole gang, *** kickers to the last one)
Unite (quiet support)
Lena/Cal (Wild cards)
Petervle (That annoying creature crawling all over Jabba the Hut)
SOB (The real Cobra Commander)
Cupcakes (What the hell man? It was glorious)
Rangers (Being so much fun to hate)
ATCK (I was once ABC 404, never have I attacked one of you)
Gregthekid, dune-x, and Water (RangersE had to die, you scum)
Owlbearkiller (what the hell is with all those spearmen? Defensive Teuton, you must be joking)


Virthkinis led the alliance Loner to victory as part of a confederation with the alliances WaR-FWH and Unite. Loner had only 21 members for most of its existence. He was also ranked as the #14 defender of the game, making him the 2nd highest defender of players who didn’t hold a World Wonder.


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