S3.com: WW Holders Thank-You Posts

I should have the induction for S3.com done later tonight, but in the meantime, here’s something worth reading: World Wonder Holders sharing their thoughts and thanking their support teams: http://forum.travian.com/showthread.php?t=122374

UPDATE: Here are what the WW holders had to say. Let’s start with the player with the winning world wonder, Twyst from Loner:

Twyst: Up until level 94 almost all supply (for our World Wonder) was done purely by the members of Loner, which was a monumental effort seeing as though all but two of them were running large offensive armies, some of them with multiple offensive armies. There were a few other players that popped up mysteriously to help out as well.

One was an Ex Loner member that had given his account away earlier when he went on an extended vacation. The person that took over his account then went to Rangers and a short time later, deleted. When the original account owner returned from his vacation, he started up another account out on the fringe and out of necessity, joined a Rangers wing out there. It was not until I queried this member of Rangers as to whether he was aware that he was sending def and crop to an enemy WW that I found all this out. I am glad to say that he is back where he belongs now, with Loner.

Another guy sending def and crop that came out of nowhere was a player in Unite. Turns out he is someone that I had a very pathetic attempt at chiefing several months ago (it was short notice and for a friend) who had later deleted and switched to another account. It still makes me smile thinking about it all.

Virthkinis and Doriangray have done a superb job sitting our WW. Virth went on a week long business trip in the last week though so he was swapped out with Gundu, which is run by Yme and Oregon. It all worked out perfectly seeing as though all our timezones compliment each other, we basically had 24/7 coverage.

Working with WAR-FWH against Rangers has been very enjoyable for the few months leading up to endgame and their support in the last few days has been amazing.

Although this was not my first server, it was the first one that I played for longer then two months and this was the first endgame I have played.


Zmago (WAR-FWH): I had certainly hoped that my WW would end up more in contention, but we did get to over 1 million storage, 500k granary, and actually had level 90 of the WW in the que when the hammers fell. This was mostly due to the wonderful team we built. So I would like to thank them.

Initially, the WW team was the War-FWH7 council including my WW coach, Beegone, and the man who kept it all running overnight, Zheol. These two guys easily qued more of the construction jobs that I did. Searos was actually the one who chiefed the WW village in the first place, and he graciously let me take it from him, not something that just anyone would have done. Rob N Hood was also a great help in sitting the WW and aiding in the planning early on. Later as the levels started stacking up, we had great help from Aralia, Steffen, and Aspen Folly. Thanks also to Nagaraja, Cafco, Owlbearkilla, and Kalikle for their efforts.

I received the majority of my resources and defenders from War-FWH8 (Red Guard). They were great help, and always answered the call when things were needed. Wings 7, 17, and 20 also helped out, and did all they could to get us as far as we went.

I also would like to thank some other alliances. We were able to work with F&M3, V.V.V and MC and AGE. Thanks to all of you that dug deep and sent what they could.

This was my first server, and I was introduced to the game by Nagaraja, he has also been there to help and answer questions along the way.

Anyway, thanks to all that helped, and I am glad to have contributed to the War-FWH team. While my WW certainly did not win the race, our efforts helped pave the way for our team. One thing I have certainly learned is that Travian is a team game, and we have seen some great teams on S3.

Angus Grim (WAR-FWH):

For me it was Ceacer, Kameda/Chad/Mathnerd, and Wehttam.

All of them helped the Underdog Angus wonder to draw the atention it was supposed to, and kill the armies we needed to. Long hours, alot of feeding. I love these guys.

I wouldn’t wish being a wonder sitter on just anyone, you need to be on top of your game, and a dedication to the team that’s second to none. Not one wonder on this server lacked these awesome players to help it along, win or lose, they win.

Thetan (ART): ) (I’d like to thank) Casper, who dualed with me. There’s no better simmer than him… 😉
ZeratulsDomain: The only reason my account was not zero popped. Never seen a better sniper in my life. He single-handed sniped more enemy cats than the rest of ABC.
Wolvy: great resources shuffler. I can’t not even imagine how much more troops would’ve starved if it weren’t for him.
Wolf13: Fucking slacker!!!- Kept sending me Blackberry messages of the type: “hey dude, you have no crop and the next crop shipment is in 20 minutes” or “hey dude, you just got one of your feeders chiefed, sorry” (as if there was anything i could do about it) pffft.

Lol..this was great!!

I’ve never met Thetan in real life, but somehow I imagine he sounds and acts exactly like Randall from the movie Clerks.

Wesley Pipes (WAR-FWH): I will start with my MVP of the Wonder team Aralia you are a steady rock that allowed me to get any sleep. Much love Aralia.
A-freshstart helping with the plans for the last 2 weeks when it had just gotten to me. I was about to lose my mind.(good work roulette_21 you were a headache that I could count on every day)
But seriously fresh you helped me so much I was losing my mind.

Our defense was mainly supplied by Wing 4, Wing 16, and wing 14. I have to believe we had the farthest haul for our defense and our merchants I had alarms set telling me when my merchants were home so I could send them away again. (thanks a lot Rangers BG, you guys managed to make it very difficult to have a supply village around the wonder but well played)

Thanks to all you guys in wing 14 that battled it out and made a cluster by the wonder even though they were +30 hours away and chiefed many ranger villages around it also… really appreciate you guys help considering your merchants having the travel time they did.

Also a thank you to all the members of wing 16 you guys killed it. I think every member in your alliance was all over end game you guys were battling like a well oiled machine. I was constantly watching your members just chiefing village and settling clusters all around the wonder. Not to mention they were sending defense and crops as fast as there merchants could spin around. Thank you guys

Now A huge thanks to my home wing of WAR-FWH 4.. you guys have made this a special server. I will start with your help on the wonder we had very few defensive players in our wing because we were a very strong offensive unit. But Owlbearkilla, Moonkiller, Odie4AZ, Klayville, OBone, Sunil83. You guys were amazing and a huge part of us reaching the level 98 you should be very pleased in what we achieved here. As far as the offense goes we were among the most feared offensive force in the game…
Players like ville, leagle, SilverPockets, Seneca, Petes Dragon, and lilodie the list goes on and on I am sorry i f did not place you on the list I know there were about 13 more of you Bad Asses in there,
January – you rocked I appreciated all your help on this server
Seneca – I will never forget your help on the plans that night as true a team player as I have ever played with rare for a top raider.
Moonkiller – Who really worked hard for us during endame picking up the slack for 2 players that we lost at end game by sitting the 2 account by him self.

I need to give special thanks to Zmago for his support he was always ready to help me out even tho I was not in his wing and he had his own wonder to deal with a very unselfish player.I am glad that I meet you and look forward to future game experiences with you and your friends

Now a special thanks two of my great friend and leaders Angus Grim and the beautiful and talented Ceacer. I had a lot of fun with you guys this server thanks for that guys much love.

XcrimzonX, aspenfolly, Waggy, and Ceacer you guys always keeped me laughing and having a good time in Team Speak truly with that crew it is never a dull moment none stop action. and aspen you were awesome to with your calls to defense you were always more than happy to help me when I was in a pinch. I want you to know it was appreciated

Thank you all of WaR-FWH

Wesley Pipes

D-Unit (ART): Have to thanks my sitters incognitus and huaqtouii.
RangerSU were my biggest supporters, since i played with them all server long. Big thanks there.
Also like to thank all of Rangers as a meta. the support was encouraging.
Big thanks to shadowalker, no way rangers could have functioned without him. He was the glue that this ragtag team together. Don’t even think he was playing his account anymore, too busy keeping the peace.

Good work to Loner as well. The remaining players were talented and showed that sticking around to cause trouble and have fun can end up giving you the win.

Waggy1977 (WAR-FWH): Wow…. were to begin…..

Firstly I’d like to thank my dual and sitters of whom there are many….

My dual who will be known only as FWH…

My boy xCRIMZONx… who stood by me through thick and thin and for a long time it was just the two of us. From zero pop we both watched round the clock not queueing until the previous build was complete to try and recoup the 1min30secs between build levels. Couldn’t have done this without you.
Forever brothers, no mater were life takes you my door is always open.

Aspenfolly… My superstar. The girl is a living legend, She came on board three weeks in and dedicated so much time and effort into making things right. You have been an inspiration…. I hope we can play together again.

There are many others who helped out round the clock in the first few weeks after we got zeroed… Trying to feed 1.2 million troops with a granary capacity of 10K is not pretty! I thank you all for your help.

Master Gorath

If I have missed anyone I apologise… times were hectic and I was pretty far gone on prescription drugs!

I’d also like to say a huge thanks to everyone for their ongoing support throughout this race, My support team consisted of four wings,

My family, my home guard.
This group of players under the direct leadership of Jita had become so tight it was heart breaking for me to leave my wing, I was homesick. I missed you all, in particular Reb, Oren and Bill You stood by me and did me proud till the very end. I will be forever in your debt.

WaR-FWH13 + WaR-FWH15
The Infinity wings.
Unknown to many but my original Travian birthplace, I came through their ranks and was the acting alliance diplomat for SOR before my transition to WaR-FWH. The support from you guys was amazing from start to finish. I would particularly like to say a huge thank you to FREESPIRIT and RIKI for your dedication in arranging the support and your ongoing motivation, It was fantastic for me to to be invited back into the Infinity forums, welcomed home as a prodigal son. I would love to play another server with you guys.

The little guys with the hearts of giants.
You guys truly symbolised what this game is all about, you started late, you were small in numbers and pop, you were battered and bruised taking shots from all our enemies, you stood together in defiance. If you knew how many times I sat alone looking at the screen with a huge smile on my face as I saw your troops and supplies roll in you would know how proud I was to be a part of your server.

My leaders and mentors.
Angus, Ceacer, LFK, Kameda, Jita, a-freshstart, it has been my pleasure to serve you, so many times I bumped heads with some of you but that’s what happens when you leave a crazy Irish man in charge of a WW.

My friends from teamspeak, too many to list but I will mention, Wesley pipes, FWH Geirrod, Faker, murgao, you make me laugh and I am sure I provided you with some entertainment at times, especially in the early hours of the morning extremely drunk.


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  1. I still remember this year. Had to be the funnest server I ever played. Such a tight knit group that all worked very well together. Great memories 😀

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