S1.com fills up early

Even though several other Servers at Travian.com started earlier than it did, no more players will be allowed to join S1.com, thus making it one of the earliest servers ever to be closed to new players. I guess because it was the first servers ever to get artifacts it attracted a lot of attention. According to Tshcena (Travian.com’s administrator), the map completely filled up and there’s no more room for new people.

So even though less than 20,000 players are left, there won’t be any new faces on the server from now until it finishes, which won’t be for a long time still. This could have a large effect on the server’s endgame, as on a normal server a player that started now could still contribute a decent amount when the endgame comes along.

Here’s what Tschena told me:

(It) will not be possible to register in com1 anymore. The problem is that there were already too much registrations and therefore the map is full. New players would only get empty villages and would not be able to play with them.


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