Quote of the Day

There ‘s often a lot of needless name-calling and flaming on Travian forums, particularly the .com ones (far more so than the .us, .uk or .aus forums). On the S1.com forums, which have been particularly nasty lately due to some intense P&P (Politics and Propaganda), Foog explains why flaming is good for your health:

Foog: A little shite-stirring isn’t a bad thing. We’re sedentary folk, us travian players. Sitting on our arses all day going clicky-clicky-click. A little elevated blood pressure is as close to a workout as some of us get 🙂

Well if this is true, at least we can say that people on the forums are exercising regularly!

Seriously though, I find the personal attacks, wild accusations, and name calling on the forums to be quite annoying, which is why this site will be completely free from any of that stuff.

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