Travian News

Lots of interesting things are happening in the Travian world right now. From new lands to fight over to fun stuff going on, here’s the news that Travian fanatics won’t want to miss:

– Server 4 at is about to return. The last Server 4 was the first inductee into the Hall of Champions, so I’m very excited that it’s about to start up again. Pre-registration will begin on July 8th, and the game will begin on July 10th. The official announcement thread, courtesy of Tschena, is here: This will be the second regular .com server to be the full version of 3.5. (Click here to view the winners of the last

– Speaking of Server 4, The Role-playing alliance Shadowclan will be returning to play another round. If you’re interested in adding an RPG twist to your Travian game, be sure to check them out! Here’s a post by their leader looking for interested recruits, who presumably would all start in the same quadrant on S4. Shadowclan is an alliance banner used in many MMOGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Games), including World of Warcraft, Dark Age of Camelot, and Ultima Online. If you want to learn more, visit their website at (And look for more about them on this site in the near future)

– The UK Travian servers are now using Twitter to help keep players updated about the game and what’s going on at their forums! You can check it out at: I’ll be reading it regularly so if there’s anything  juicy you can read about it here as well.

– Speaking of Twitter, there are a ton of players who post on Twitter regularly. So for a good snapshot on what people are doing right now – in Travian – check out this: (Links to Twitter with a topic search of “Travian”).

– The Travian Guide blog has some cool Travian Wallpapers you can download to be your computer background. Check them out here: Here’s a sample of one of them: 


 (I’m using it as my background now)

– The Australian Travian Forums are looking for a new Forum Administrator, so if you’re experienced with being a Message Board Moderator, you might want to consider applying. Read about the position opening here:

– The UK Travian forums had their “Summer Spree” Prom on July 4th. I would have liked to attend the Chat Event but I had other plans. The event itself was meant to just be a good time where players could hang out and chat with each other, and it sounds like it was a success.

In some was, it was eerily similar to a real prom. Here are some quotes:

So what’s everyone doing, I myself am standing rather alone in the corner of the prom trying not to look strange.

I’ve been stood up by my date. I went to all this effort, got my hair done, painted my nails, and now…. no-one to dance with

– To help keep this site updated regularly, I’m taking part in National Blog Posting Month. So if a day goes by without me posting, I’m a loser.

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