Thanks to my Sitters

Okay, it’s time to get this Blog up and running again!

I realize now that one of the reasons I’ve had such trouble keeping it updated during this past week is because I’ve been playing so much on and Finding the right balance between playing Travian and the rest of your life is something that many players struggle with, so please bear with me as I try to find this balance! We all know how much commitment this game takes, but I want to be equally committed to making this site the best that it can be!

So I’d like to thank my account sitters, because it wouldn’t be possible for me to do this all without them – or to have a life in general. And since they were kind enough to look after my account while I took a day off to go to a Green Day concert and party downtown, I thought I’d post this as a special tribute to them. And also to all the other sitters out there!


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