Travian UK Summer Spree Party: What are those Brits up to now?

I’ve gotta give the United Kingdom Travian Forums credit: Not only are they well designed and full of polite posters, but they also know how to have a good time. They’ve had several fun events during the past year, and I think that’s one of the main reasons why people are so much nicer to each other on those forums than they are on the .com ones. And a week from today they’ll be having the world’s first -and quite possibly last – Travian Prom. Yes, that’s right, I said “Travian” and “Prom” in the same sentence.

Earlier today the UK admin (similar to Tschena on .com and Fight on .US) posted this cryptic message in their announcement section:

It is coming, Twenty One Hours to go!

Notice that he didn’t give the slightest clue as to what he was talking about. Speculation began immediately in the thread:

– what where…. twenty ones hours… since when… do i need to prepare my nuclear bunker… should i evacuate?

– Until they change clubswingers into macemen again?

– wth is going on?

– I hope they dont shut down travian. But maybe thats why Laika didnt say much about it, so as to no cause panic….

(Read the whole thread here, it’s pretty hilarious:

Finally Laitka made the official announcement:

The sun is shining… exams are over… holidays are coming up… so here at Travian UK we felt a celebration was in order!

We’d therefore like to announce a week of forum events and competitions all themed:

“Travian Class of 2009: Summer Prom!”



The “Prom” itself will be held on Saturday July 4th, with a decked-out forum and a sing-a-long on IRC and possibly Skype too. It’s just a chance to put aside server enmities and chill out and catch up with your friends that we hope you will all take! 

(Again, here’s a link to the whole thread if you want to see all the reaction:

The idea of having a Travian Prom is a bizarre one, but bizarre parties are often the best parties. This promises to be quite the event. Too bad  it’s on July 4th because most Americans will be busy having their own parties that day (Happy 233rd birthday America!), but if you want to come say hi and see what the UK players get up to, and have a chance to talk to them outside of the neverending war of Travian, pop by for a few minutes on the 4th. 

They’re also having competitions in the UK forums all this week leading up to the event, including a Travian art contest:

In line with our “Prom” theme, we would like to see your artistic interpretations of what you think a Travian Grand Ball or Tea Party might look like in your village in-game! Any medium is acceptable – computer artwork, oil painting, sketch, pastels, watercolour, even sculpture – though I doubt anyone is going to do us one of those! Roman, Teuton, Gaul or a mix of all three is fine.

Images must be sent via PM to DragonFyre who will post them up for everyone to admire (or giggle at as appropriate). Images must be received by DF by the end of Wednesday 1st July.

The winner will be chosen by a public poll, which will be posted on Thursday morning and run for 24 hours. Winners will be announced on Friday evening.

Good luck everyone!


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