Why you should never play Travian without a good night’s sleep

I mentioned the other day that I was starting a new job. Today was my second day on the job. Before I left for work this morning, I thought I’d get some raiding and building in on S9.com (which is the main server I’m playing right now, though I am also active on some other ones like S7.com)

Server 9 is going pretty well right now, and I’ve got a lot to keep me busy on it. Plus I just started sitting for a new player recently. So not surprisingly, I pusghed my playing until the last minute and had to rush to pack my lunch and get changed into my office clothes. As I was commuting, I felt pretty good about getting those extra raids I got in and the extra troops I built.

And then when I got to work, I realized that my shoes didn’t match. On my right foot was one the brand-new shoes I bought specifically for this job, and on my other foot was an old, beat-up shoe I used to wear when I used to walk from the bus stop down a muddy path to get to my old job (it was a shortcut and I didn’t care about the job very much anyway).

Now I’m hoping none of my coworkers noticed, and as my feet are underneath a desk most of the day I’m probably fine. But this taught me an important lesson: Travian can really mess with how you function if you don’t play it on a strict schedule. I should have gotten more sleep the night before and gotten up earlier.

Also, I really need to organize my closet. 😀

If you think I’m pathetic for letting a computer game screw me up this badly, well, you might be right. But if you think that’s bad, you haven’t read this yet. It’s called “Is Travian Bad For You?”, and while results are mixed, I’m clearly not the only one who’s gone a little overboard playing this game.

If you’re too busy raiding other players and building troops to read it, here are some quick highlights:

Hey, travian is really bad for you!!! I agree completely. Marriage on the rocks, failed to meet deadlines at work (not lost job, yet. Server ended just in time, thank god). Major sleep deprivation, waking up at 3 am to send chiefs!

Missed friends’ wedding receptions cause of the race for settling new 15C village. Got into a foul mood because of creative farm abuse and yelled at family, co-workers and friends.

Things like that.

But its one hell of a game, thats for sure.


I faked (being) sick for travian. I stayed up all night answering questions in the us servers, only to find out that the forums didn’t need new mods…
I spend 16 hours of a day on travian/travians/facebook/myspace
I think travian is the coolest thing ever created..the only thing I say that happened to me was lost of
sleep. But who needs more than 2 hours of sleep or sleep anyhow right??

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  1. If you are a normal person than you shouldn’t play travian or stop palying Travian. If you are interested in playing stratigic gamrs then better to play age of empires or other games where you may complete the game in 4-5 days. There is also option to save the game. Travian is a game who are free like retired person, and I personally know some retired person who are wngaged in this game. But if someone is student or someone is engaged with job, travian is not recommended. Mariied people, those playing travian can think that how their wives or children are suffering due to exhaustive playing of travian.

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