Random Travian Stuff

No big fighting on Server 3 to talk about today, so here’s some news and random stuff:

– I’m currently working on this site’s “tips” section. I’m starting with tips for beginners. The first part is still a work-in-progress but you can view it here. I’m using a bullet-point format instead of a paragraph format that most beginners guide use, because I think it keeps it better organized that way. If you have tips you want to suggest please e-mail me or leave a comment!

– Some players are predicting a boring endgame for S5.com:

Neo is a player that united the alliances RaG, ReV, ArM and AsC. Uniting four large alliances like that is an achievement in itself, but due to a mix of brilliant military skill (Neo’s side) and terrible badly co-ordinated defense (From the small pockets of resistance that were found) He and his meta have managed to completely OwN the rest of the server, and are heading for one of the most runaway server victories ever.

If Neo was as kind as he is brilliant, he would split the meta in two, and make for a really exciting endgame.

We’ll have to wait and see. You can never really be sure what plans people have made. This Neo guy sounds like and interesting fellow, in any case.

The locations of the Natar villages on S5.com are listed here.  (note that the post is courtesy of Neo himself)

– When a new server starts, there’s usually some overly eager new players who go out and try to make the biggest alliance, thinking that it will be enough to make them mighty. Experienced players know that you need good players with big armies to back your numbers up.

On S9.com, which keep in mind is only a few weeks old (only 1 player has reached 4 villages),  the Meta PTT is taking this to a whole new ridiculous level. Just look at this number of alliances under their banner: http://travian-utils.com/en/?s=com9&kw=ptt.

I’ll be keeping a watch on them to see how long this empire lasts.

– One of the most interesting quirks of the game with the release of the artifacts is the “Artifact of the Fool”, which causes a random effect every day. One of the players on S1.com who managed to nab one of them had this to say:

I have one of the fool’s artifacts and I enjoy it. each morning when you wake up you have something different. If you’re having faster troop making – then put all possible resources you have into barracks and stables, if your having faster troops then either send reals or raid the hell out of your farms, if you’re having a decreased cranny by 0.01x then simply cry.

If I could have any artifact and I just cared about winning, I’d probably take the reduced crop consumption one. But for sheer fun and excitement, I would definitely grab the Artifact of the Fool. It’s good that the game’s designers added something wacky and fun like that to the game. Makes things more interesting and less predictable.

– Hopefully this weekend I should have time to write a new strategy guide and finish some other things I’ve been working on for this site. So stay tuned and check back often! This site now has 4000 hits and counting!


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