Server 3: There’s a War on WAR

Yes folks, Server 3 doesn’t take a day off (and neither do I, apparantly).

After three days of intense fighting (see here, here, and here), we’re into round four between ART and WAR without so much as a day off to clean up the spilled blood.

I’m starting a new job tomorrow so I’m going to be doing a quick version of the recap tonight. Most of the fighting today, aside from the FLAME WARS on the forums, took place in two epic battles at diffent World Wonder villages held by ART. For the first time, defense seemed to beat offense, as the attacks were beaten back without the gigantic losses we’ve seen in the other attacks over the past few days. This could be the turing point (click the link to see all the battle reports, I’m only posting a select ones)

This attack was probably a mistake:

DU att 1

Actually, forget “probably”, it definitely was. This is why targeting a Great Warehouse is a lot better than targeting the wonder itself. Having a Great Warehouse hit by this hammer would have set ART back a lot furthur.

And man, just look at all those Imperians! The total attack power of this Hammer: 9’942’835. And awesome army with a less-than-awesome result.

The other attacks did damage but didn’t finish the job:

 DU att 2

D-unit’s thoughts on the attacks are here. He also thinks his side is in good shape to win it, even if he’s not:

ART will win.
Probably won’t be me though.
WaR has used their hammers, or I assume based on attacks on SOB and I.
ART still has hammers…enough to take the 5 top WaR prospects out (again). Although this is just my assumption, since WaR has currently used many more hammers then ART.

Let’s get to those attacks on SOB. They did not go well at all for WAR.

SOB att 1

The armies they used just weren’t big enough for the job. This was their biggest one:

SOB att 2

Then there was this strike, which raised some eyebrows with its choice of target:

 SOB att 3

 Attacking the Marketplace at the World Wonder village may seem like a collosal waste, but keep in mind this hammer probably wasn’t big enough to damage anything else besides that and the Rally Point (or maybe a resource field?)

They really could have used those 89,000 Imperians over at this wonder.

Want a rundown of who’s in good shape and who’s out of the race? Take it away A-Freshstart.

No matter who wins the server, the celebration of it ending should be classic, if they actually manage to pull this off.

Grozoth: ok guys. This server is almost over. My coordinators promised me it would’ve been over by the end of next week, but apparently that might be too much to hope for. So let’s discuss actual serious shit in this thread, no stupid “we r going to win” “omg the other side is blah blah blah” or ridiculous chest-beating.

How are we going to celebrate the server end?

My proposition is to have live skype webcam telecast by the winning meta leader + 2 or 3 handpicked secondaries.

This should involve plenty of drinking, obnoxious celebrating, and generally hilarious behavior.

I know me thetan and maybe one other leader from ART, whichever brave volunteer goes for this, are willing to drink 3 bottles of Scotch, beers, and generally any alcohol we can get our hands on and get completely hammered to celebrate and commit all sorts of stupid actions on webcam for you all to laugh at if we end up winning this shizbang.

I’ll say it again: This Endgame rules.

UPDATE: Made some corrections. Apparantly doing updates late at night isn’t a good idea. 😐


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