Server 3: Secrets, Rumours, and Mysteries

I’ve already mentioned that the battle between the Metas ART and WAR in the endgame is one of the best I’ve seen in my brief Travian existence, but so far I’ve brought you nothing but awesome battle reports. Today I’ll delve into some of the interesting dealings that are going on in the background.

Right after I post some awesome battle reports! These pick up right from where we left off yesterday.

ART wasn’t about to let WAR get the last word in, so they launched a huge series of attacks on WAR’s top World Wonder. In the interest of space I’m only displaying the top three hits, click here to see the rest.

Zmag Att 1

Zmag Att 2

Zmag att 3

Yes, that last one took 50 levels off the World Wonder! That’s not something you see in one attack very often.

Even the owner of the World Wonder was impressed at the effectiveness of the attack:

Congratulations to Sponge Bob, that was one impressive hit. The 5 or 6 big hits since last night certainly lightened the load, but his hammer did a real number on my WW.

… I look forward to a good night’s sleep tonight.


The Endgame can take such a toll on players that it’s a bit of a relief when you can take a step back.

WAR sent some armies towards one of ART’s wonders, but not their frontrunner, held by D-Unit. This is where things got interesting, as one player decided he wanted to go after the pack leader regardless of his orders:

A-Freshstart (WAR member): I will say that himpulant launched without orders…. we wanted him(and I believe told him) to attack wild_bill during the weekend attacks, and target the WW…. so that ABC couldn’t just refocus on wild bill after our other hits

He decided that Wild_bill was to small… and decided to hit D-unit (the current ART frontrunner) instead… and since waiting for our planned attack would have been the smart thing to do, he decided to just go ahead and launch instead…

And thats the story of how one of the biggest roman armies on the server, did jack-crap.

WAR’s attack on Wild Bill was partially succesful nonetheless. It appears as though this wonder was a bit lacking in defense, judging by the size of the army that hit it:

WB att 1

Those are all the battle reports for today (I don’t have one for the botched attack on D-Unit), but there’s plenty of intrigue to talk about on this server as well!

For starters, there is some apparant dissension in the ranks in ART, though it may just be confined to one particular player, who announced on the forums his intent to attack one of his Meta’s own wonders. ART is largely made up of two large alliances, ABC and Rangers, and this ABC player won’t tolerate a Rangers win. When a Ranger’s player (Stark76) called him on it, he didn’t back down:

Stark 76: Are you just so selfish and vengeful to put your own petty emotions ahead of your alliance goals and alliance friends?

Strait-laced: Yes. Rangers will not win as long as I can help it.

His identity and army size is not yet known, but he announced the date of his attack.

Another ABC member wasn’t about to put up with the betrayal:

Mayank: You are one of the most stupid ATCK member then. If it wasnt for Rangers, we might not have all WWs being made due to lack of plans.

There’s an equally interesting dynamic on the WAR side as well. The alliance LONER was able to possess a single World Wonder village and set of plans, and WAR is allowing them to piggyback off of their set of plans to build their wonder. But they still seen as a somewhat seperate group, and not just a part of WAR. Impressively, they only have 20 members and no wings. The fact that they’re in good shape in the Wonder race just adds even more drama to the endgame race.

Another wrinkle to watch out for is a player on the ART side who won’t reveal his in-game identity but claims to have a Hammer army which would rival the biggest ones launched so far. He’s even spawned his own speculation thread about what his real identity is (and it’s much better than a typical specualtion thread).

You can also speculate about about is what role, if any, will the server’s largest player have in the Endgame. Lena boasts an unbelievable 112 cities! (Possible because classic servers have lower Culture Points requirements than regular ones, and the fact that there’s no penalty for conquering a player with less population must have helped as well). It’s been said that she’s neutral in the WW race, but just think about how the balance would shift if she changed her mind!

One of her allies had this to say:

Here is the deal, we have the power to ruin the race to a WW, but we do not care about the WW race. If you care to win, leave Lena alone and Lena will not bother you, as simple as that.

But if someone has angered her, it would be in her best interests not to let on until the moment before she strikes.

This is a highly entertaining endgame! Server 3 is raising the bar for the rest of us! Stay tuned for more coverage!

UPDATE: I got the alliances backwards in some places in my first version of this post. The current version is corrected. Thanks to the Macalista who PMed me about it.


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