More About the Endgame

I posted yesterday about the Server 3 Endgame, where the big attackers on either side are really starting to unload on one another. Click here if you haven’t read yesterday’s post yet.

Since the attacks I showed in yesterday’s post, 4 more World Wonders have been hit with well coordinated gigantic attacks.  And both sides still have plenty more big armies to come! For anyone who loves seeing big armies in action (and who doesn’t?), this is an awesome endgame to watch!

In order to get caught up, I’m just going to post the two biggest army hits on each wonder, and give the link for anyone who wants to see the rest. Standings are at the bottom of the post.

This all broke loose when one of the two big Metas, ART, attacked the leading World Wonder from the other side, WAR. Like two brawlers, the alliances are no trading blow-for-blow.

WAR first responded by attacking Thetan from ART:

Thetan Attack 1 Thetan Att 2

The defense at this World Wonder wasn’t overwhelming, and it wasn’t meant to be, as Thetan himself said:

I think my WW served its purpose well. Worked as a good meat shield for the other WWs considering that it’s not even in ABC territory… We all knew that my WW has no chance of really making it to a 100 since it’s location was too compromised. Too close to the enemy and too far from my allies.

Thetan even posted some battle reports that showed his defense, which is a rare thing to do in Travian, so I thought I’d provide a link to one of those reports:

ART strikes back:

AG att 1

AG att 2

According to WAR this wonder is still in decent shape as not all the Great Warehouses were destroyed.

WAR goes after another one:

Charles Att 1

Charles Att 2

A-Freshstart (a member of WAR) had this analysis:

Charles effectively lost all of his storage after a very through job by WaR-FWH’s offensive armies. Due to the fact that he has essentially no remaining storage, CharlesVIII is out of the race.

And here’s WAR’s final hit, capping off an intense two days of fighting:

Krog att 1

Krog Att 2

Phew! That’s a lot of fighting to take in. The analysis is going on in this thread: I’ll take an even closer look at the story of Server 3 tomorrow, and if there are any more battles of note I’ll try to get reports. To close this post, here are the recent standings:

Kroegan -ART 93(pretty much out)
Thetan -ART- 87(out of the race, all GWs gone)
zmago- WaR- 87(has not really been hit yet)
CharlesVIII – ART- 86(out of the race, all GWs gone)
bibii-WaR-86(stalled, took a big hit)
D-unit-ART-86(has not been hit yet)
Angus grim-WaR-84(stalled but not as much as others were)
never dying sob-WaR-83(has not been hit yet)
waggy1977-WaR-82(has not been hit yet)
wesley pipes – WaR-82(has not been hit yet)
Wild_bill-ART-76(has not been hit yet)
Twyst-Loner-71(has not been hit yet)
Gods first U-LULZ-0


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