S3.com Endgame Heats Up

S3.com will be the next server to enter the Hall of Champions, and the wars being raged as their server reaches its end are awesome to behold.

As reported here earlier, as this age of Travian reaches its end, the final war to end all wars has come down to the alliances WAR and ART.

Things started to get interesting when ART attacked the leading World Wonder that was held by WAR:

S3 attack 1

s3 Attack 2

s3 att 3

S3 Att 4

s3 att 5

A-Freshstart from WAR posted this analysis:

Bibii didn’t make lvl 20 Great Warehouses, instead there were a bunch of lv. 17 ones. As a result the damage isn’t as painful as it first seems, as not all of it will have to be rebuilt. I will admit I do not know their current storage capacity (people don’t tell me those things…. as I have a tendency to post info on the public forums). However given that 4-5 GWs were untouched, its still high.

Additionally, due to the fact that storage damage is the most important damage to the WW, both slone and frilly would have been better off dual targeting GWs (combat sims show that both would have been able to dual target lvl 20s).

ABC could have been much more effective with their hammers in this attack, their two top armies were about half as effective as they could have been. Due to the continued presence of high lv Great Warehouses, Bibii will be able to begin construction again very soon. I predict that construction will resume in 3-4 days.

But Thetan from ART had a different opinion:

Before D day:
Bibii was leading the race and was the best defended WW of WaR

After D day:
That WW now has slim to none chances to make it to lvl100. It has 3 ABC WWs and 2 Rangers WWs ahead of him. …

Could’ve been worse for bibii? Probably.
Will it need to be hit again? Absolutely not.

(Note: ABC and Rangers are the major alliances that make up ART)

This was just the start of the action, I’ll have more battle reports and breakdown throughout the day. This is a very deep endgame with lots of interesting story threads, so anyone who enjoys the drama of Travian will find it an enthralling read. If you’re like me, you’ll be jealous you’re not a part of it!

(I find it amusing that the names of these alliances makes this a battle between Art and War. I immediately thought of these people.)


4 Responses

  1. hi, can i ask a simple question? i just started the game, so just wondering how can a person build up such a massive army? unless crops are being sent to that village 24/7 to upkeep it. or can troops be transferred to another village not as reinforcement but as usable force?

  2. ugly: You got it. crops and other res are being sent to the hammer village 24/7, and that vill has as much storage as you can build. And you don’t sleep much.

    One of the strategic features of Travian is that troops can only be launched from the ville that builds them; transfers are only good for defensive reinforcements.

    You also need to build a Great Barracks and a Great Stable to maximize troop building.

    And you do it for literally months on end.

  3. When armies like this are created they generally need feeding every 2-3 hours which means that most WW hammer are usually 1-2 duals.

    Some like Frilly’s and Sponge_bob had to stay awake for nearly 30ish hours just to fed their hammers

  4. i see…thanks!!

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