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–’s administrator, Tschena, paid a visit to this site and she was kind enough to e-mail me the answers to some questions I asked in this post about’s classic server.

Question from IRCmeet704: when restarts, will it be classic version or t3.5 version?

[12:14] <Interview> Answered by Chrisvc: it will restart as a classic server again, but with T3.5

Randomgeek: I assume he means with 3.5 graphics. Unless classic is getting things like artifacts and 7-croppers as well. I’ll try to get a clarification soon.

Tschena:That’s correct. It will stay as classic server and therefore as T2.5 server but with the graphics of T3.5 – whether it get artefacts and 7-croppers is not sure but it is possible.
But it will never get heros or oases and the other stuff which (weren’t in Travian 2.5).

Personally I think they should keep the old Tileset and not add in artifacts, just to keep things as retro as possible on the classic server (Then again I don’t play Classic so it shouldn’t be up to me). 

Question from koentjuh1: Will T2 ever return?

[12:43] <Interview> Answered by Tschena: no

Randomgeek: To my understanding, besides graphical differences, the main difference between Travian 2.0 and 2.5 was that there was no Tournament Square, Trade Office, Great Barracks, or Great Stable.

Tschena: T2 had a completely different code and were therefore not running that stable as T3 is running. T2.5 is based on T3 code (even if it sounds strange) – therefore it runs a lot more stable.
This is the only reason why T2 never will come back. T2.5 was created to compensate this.

Thanks for clearing that up Tschena! I didn’t know they completely changed the code when they made Travian 3.0. So that’s it folks, we’re never going back to 2.0.

– The strategy guide I added to the site yesterday has already gotten over 110 hits in less than 24 hours! I’ll be sure to keep adding new strategy guides to this site regularly, and most of them will be strategy guides you can’t get anywhere else.

–  I’m going to start putting some of this site’s posts on, starting with C0unse1’s strategy guide. I’m not going to bother putting every post that I do on it, just the ones that I think are the best. For those of you who aren’t familiar with, it’s basically a site where you list a website, or a blog post, that you find interesting, and then other people can browse through Digg to find it. They can also say whether or not the “Digg” the story, and if they do then it’s more visible on the site.

Digg has a lot of Travian related sites listed on it already, that’s why I decided to start using it as well. If you like my posts, be sure to Digg them (that is the whole point of the site after all). If any visitors to this site would like to be friends on Digg, my Digg profile name is Randomgeek1.

– There’s going to be a Travian player meetup in Germany from August 7th-9th this year. Here’s the announcement. It would be very hard for me to attend it, but if someone going wants to write about it for this blog you’d be more than welcome to.

– Travian was mentioned in a recent article on entitled “A New Golden Era For Games”.


Perhaps it’s a question of evolution, not revolution, particularly in the behaviour online games induce in players. Travian’s gameplay and timed services encourage truly novel collaboration between players.


5 Responses

  1. I am trying to find help for Travian indonesia server.

    I cant seems to locate where is the Travian HQ.

    Dont ask me to talk to the Server admin/MH coz it is no use.

    Do you have Tschena email?

  2. I want to know if there is any audit of MH activities?

    Can they do as they wish?

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