New Strategy Guide

I’m proud to announce that this site’s first strategy guide is now posted in the new Strategy Guides & Tips section. It’s written by Hall of Champion inductee C0unse1 (#1 attacker on the last It deals with where players should ideally locate their “hammer” armies, and every intermediate/expert player should definitely read through it. If you lead an alliance that plans on competing for a World Wonder, you might want to make sure all your players read it.


…your hammers are for clearing large levels of defense and to be useful your hammer must be big. The question therefore arises, where do you build your hammer? 

There are two answers to this question:

  • The Capital Hammer
  • The Non-Capital Hammer

 It’s worth taking some time to consider which of these is more appropriate for you as the choice can’t be easily undone and the differences between the two are huge.

The full article can be read here:

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