News and Notes

Some news about the site’s progress so far and some quick notes on breaking Travian news:

– Things are going pretty well so far at this site, which turns a week old today. I’ve written 11 posts and I’ve gotten a decent amount of hits. Thanks to everyone who has visited the site so far and special thanks to those of you who check it every day.

– This site is now the top google search result for “Travian Champions,” and the second highest search result for “Travian Hall of Fame.” 🙂

– I also got my first reader comment! Thanks to Scott for being the first person to post one! I thought I’d respond to it publicly, so here it is:

  • Looks like a very interesting site and I will keep checking back as well as add you to my blogroll, but I am 100% certain you would get 3x more traffic if you posted some tips to help people with the game once in a while too 🙂

– Thanks Scott! I’m happy to say that I will be adding a Strategy section to this site tomorrow. I already have one strategy article submitted from a very good player, and I’ll try to work on a few of my own and get other players to write as well.

– Scott has a Travian Blog of his own, called Travian Guide, which is located here: There’s lots of good advice for Travian players of all skill levels on it. It’s my favourite Travian Blog (besides my own of course!)

– I want to encourage other readers to leave their comments as well. You can leave a comment after any post on the main page.

– I had a great time doing the Crewchat reports and they’ve also been popular with readers of the blog. I want to post one final comment from them:

<Interview> Question from liam: I love you guys, you’re doing great ^^

[12:11] <Interview> Answered by Litch: Thanks, we love the players too 🙂

I’d like to thank all the Travian crewmembers as well. You guys do a great job and it’s much appreciated.

– When I first stared this site, I said that I would do a post elaborating WHY I decided to do so in depth. I kind of got sidetracked by the crewchats, but I’m still planning to get to writing it, so look for it sometime during this weekend in the not-so distant future.

– Now let’s get into some Travian news:

– will be offline for a brief time this Friday, according to this message from the admin. This is especially newsworthy because the Server is currently going through the endgame, so the alliances may have to change some of their battle plans because of it.

– There’s been a lot action with the Artifacts on Server 1, but it’s been kind of overshadowed because there was also a major alliance team-up at the same time. You read about it in this thread.

Apparantly the amount of defense for a Unique Artifact is the same as the defense for a non-unique account-wide artifact. I posted the defense totals at the Natar villages in an earlier post.

– They’ve just announced that Server 1 for Australia gets underway on Monday June 22nd. Preregistration starts on the 19th. This will be the first Australian server to get the full 3.5 version with the new map tiles. Here’s the official announcement. And remember, the winner of this server will one day be in Hall of Champions! Good luck to everyone who signs up for it!


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  1. What about the other regional servers of asia, europe,
    middle east ??

    Like in Asia there are some 10 countries and each country has on an average 2 servers so…
    what about them when shall they be induted to this site

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