Classic Server Discussion from Crewchat

As I mentioned earlier, the next server that will be finishing is Server 3, also known as the “Classic” server. I’m going to have more coverage of the finish to their endgame on this site soon. In the meantime, here’s some discussion about the server from the Crewchat:

Question from IRCmeet704: will restart as a classic again?

[11:57] <Interview> Answered by Chrisvc: yes it will restart a few weeks after the endgame of the current s3 has finished

So if you haven’t given classic a try before, you’ll have a chance soon!

Question from IRCmeet704: when restarts, will it be classic version or t3.5 version?

[12:14] <Interview> Answered by Chrisvc: it will restart as a classic server again, but with T3.5

I assume he means with 3.5 graphics. Unless classic is getting things like artifacts and 7-croppers as well. I’ll try to get a clarification soon.

<Interview> Question from Sk8ersam: Who will win S3? ATCK or WAR-FWH??

[11:59] <Interview> Answered by Chrisvc: atm it looks like WAR-FWH, but who knows what ATCK has planned

We’ll find out soon. 

Question from koentjuh1: Will T2 ever return?

[12:43] <Interview> Answered by Tschena: no

To my understanding, besides graphical differences, the main difference between Travian 2.0 and 2.5 was that there was no Tournament Square, Trade Office, Great Barracks, or Great Stable. Taking those buildings out would make the game a lot less fun to play for a whole year. I can imagine the game without Heroes or Oasises, but I would go crazy if I didn’t have a tournament square!

(If any old timers know any other major differences please leave a comment)


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  1. Just checked in here, You’ve done a great job with this site, I really look forward to seeing how this site develops(The page on com4 is excellent) And I can only hope that the com3 page will be just as good.

    Great job and Keep up the good work =)

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