Travian Crewchat – Wacky Questions

I already posted some of the funny questions from the Travian Crewchat in part one of my report about it, but I thought I’d post a few more before they get deleted and forgotten:

<Interview> Question from FiSK: Have you tried Tribalwars?

[10:24] <Interview> Answered by Iluvatar|Afk: Yes, it’s a shitty game It’s almost all copied from Travian

Ah Tribalwars. So delighfully janky.

<Interview> Question from Jourei: How can I create troops?

[10:55] <Interview> Answered by Litch: Build a rally point and a barracks 🙂

If the Crew had a nickel for every time someone asked that we wouldn’t need to pay for plus accounts.

<Interview> Question from Tylers: What is the most annoying support message?

[11:10] <Interview> Answered by Buzzball: how to build a woodcutter (first task in the taskmaster) or my senator is lost I build it all ready in the academy

Having to ask support how to build a woodcutter = Instant Fail.

Question from flycatcher: my friend’s nephew Jamie is about 16 years old and says he gets paid to run a Travian server, how likely is this to be true?

[10:58] <Interview> Answered by Archonn: Its definitely not true

Thanks for mentioning his name instead of just saying “my friend’s nephew” and leaving it at that. Sorry Jamie, you’ll have to get a real job! I hope this kid gets grounded becauase of the Crew chat. 🙂

Question from WhiteFang: Why did you interrupt my all important raiding to put a message on the about this?

[10:26] <Interview> Answered by Tranqer: Because your part of Travian – and Travian is a community. It’s important to interact with those of who you are a part of 😉

Why did you interupt your all important raiding to come to the chat room to complain?


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