Travian Crewchat Report (Part 3)

During the crewchat there were many interesting questions asked about Travian, here are some of the best ones:

<Interview> Question from Jourei: how many servers have you got total?

[10:08] <Interview> Answered by Tranqer: As of this morning, Travian has 322 public and running servers (worlds).

I knew this game is popular, but DAMN!!!

Interesting stat: When you add together the English-speaking servers (.com, .us, .uk, and .au) there are 30 altogether. So that means less than 10% of the Travian servers are in English (9.32% to be exact).

So just how many different languages are those other servers in?

Question from Jourei: how many languages is Travian translated to?

[10:48] <Interview> Answered by Buzzball: to many to count.. look at and look at the top of the page you will see the languages there

I didn’t bother counting, but according to the website of the company that made Travian, it has been translated into 43 different languages.

Since the .com servers are for International play, the crew behind it is also international as well:

Question from flutflutflyer: What country are you from?

[10:08] <Interview> Answered by Phanttis: from all over the world… some are from thailand, some from japan, some from america… and many are from different countries of europe – finland, norway, netherlands, italy, germany, UK, …

Hmmm, no Canadians? Maybe I should apply and then I could be the first!

<Interview> Question from Randomgeek: question What’s the maximum number of players that can be on one Travian server?

[10:42] <Interview> Answered by Iluvatar|Afk: Around 40.000

A lot of the .com servers are filling up fast then. Server 9 and the new Speed server just started and they already both have around 40,000 players. Server 2 is close to full as well. So if anyone is upset about you catapulting them, try telling them that you’re doing it to control the population!

The Speed Server filled up so fast that you can no longer register for it on the main page. But Phanttis told everyone in the chatroom how to get in the backdoor:

Question from noob: when will the new accounts in 3x server be possible again??

[12:39] <Interview> Answered by Phanttis: The registration is not closed… it has just vanished from front page. You can still register at … Just to trying to give the server some breathing room. 😉

The next server to open up will be the new Server 4, but don’t expect it to be open for a while:

Question from IRCmeet756: QUESTION do you know when S4 restarts

[12:31] <Interview> Answered by Tschena: perhaps in about 10 weeks

If you can’t wait that long, Server 9  is still pretty new, and Server 7 still has lots of room.

Question from T_guest721: QUESTION ever think about adding difficulties of snow, rain, sandstorms, or any other mother nature dish as a variable to the outcome of battle?

[11:13] <Interview> Answered by Kap: that is a good idea to me but will add more problems to our beginner

 It’s good that the team is thinking about the beginners, because it’s true that this game is already complex enough. Ideas like this that sound like a fun idea to veterans would just make things harder on new players to get used to the game. And speaking about beginners…

<Interview> Question from IRCmeet454: Why are Romans recommended for beginners?

[11:20] <Interview> Answered by Kap: their troops are the most stabilized (and) can be used in both defense and offense. Just too expensive xD

I never really thought of it that way before, but it makes sense that the tribe recommended for beginners gets the most versatile of the starting troops, the Legionnaire. And thankfully they’re less expensive in version 3.5.

A lot of people had questions about Multi-hunters, so I thought I’d highlight them:

<Interview> Question from Kingslayer: Do multihunters need to have any real proof to ban a player, or are mere suspicions of cheating sufficient?

[10:29] <Interview> Answered by Josh: Multihunters won’t ban a player without sufficient proof that they have broken the rules.

Question from Faerie: are you guys gluttons for punishment or do you just really like all the annoying IGMs and free gold?

[11:22] <Interview> Answered by Phanttis: What free gold? But yes, basically we do this because we want to support the game and make it as fair for anyone as possible! *in preaching tone*

Multi-hunters do not get free gold. I’m not sure where people got that idea from. They do it on a volunteer basis. And apparently they can be quite busy:

Question from IRCmeet459: How many people do you ban in a day on average??

[11:33] <Interview> Answered by Chrisvc: that depends on how much time I’ve got on a specific day. Could be anything from 10 up to 100.

Banning 100 people in a day sounds like fun. 

Question from Sk8ersam: When the MH’s are looking at our pages, is there a big button saying “BAN” or what??

[11:47] <Interview> Answered by Chrisvc: there’s only a small button and a lot of more information about your account on the page that we can see

Question from cheezybits: if you don’t get paid why stick with the job? for the love of the game?

[11:53] <Interview> Answered by monkey7: Because of the fun with the team, and the job itself is fun. Who doesn’t like helping people or tracking down cheaters? 🙂

That concludes part 3 of my report. Now that I’ve got all the useful information out of the way, I’ll post more of the funny questions from the Crewchat in my next post.


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