Travian Crewchat Report (Part 2)

Since the IRC Crewchat happened shortly after the upgrades to version 3.5, it’s not surprising that some of the questions asked during the chat were about the recent change.

Here’s one from yours truely:

Question from Randomgeek: question Do you think the 3 races are perfectly ballanced in 3.5, or is one stronger/weaker than the others?

[10:35] <Interview> Answered by Iluvatar|Afk: They are not totally the same, every tribe has its own needed playing style. But in 3.5 it’s better balanced than in T3

I agree that the tribes are better balanced in version 3.5 then they were in 3.0. Teutons seemed a bit overpowered in 3.0 so I’m glad they tried to even things out. 

The biggest change from version 3.0 to 3.5 is probably the artifacts, which will really change how the game is played. Some players are worried about this:

Question from fastfinger: dosen’t artifacts make big players bigger and small player smaller?

[10:13] <Interview> Answered by memory: no, not at all

I agree with Memory, though I would have liked it if she gave a longer answer to the question. Even if a small players don’t get to hold any artifacts, they’ll still be an important part of the battle over them. Anyone who’s actively played to the end of the game in Travian knows that small players are needed to supply World Wonder villages with troops and crops, and with Artifacts to defend, they’ll now be needed to do that much earlier in the game as well. Plus becasue there are a lot more artifacts than there are World Wonders, smaller players have a much better chance of holding one at some point. Artifacts will make small players and small alliances play a larger role in the game, and it will also make them important earlier in the game than they were previously. At least I think so.

There are a lot of Artifacts that will be up for grabs, so which ones are the biggest prize will be an important question. Here’s what one of the crew members thinks:

Question from Randomgeek: QUESTION Which artifact is the best in your opinion?

[12:15] <Interview> Answered by Phanttis: The one that makes enemy catapults fire randomly is great, the one that makes troops train faster is also good, and the one that makes troops faster is just plain awesomeness for gauls. If i had to choose …. ½ cropusage artifact is what i would want. Yummu! ^^

1/2 cropusage does sounds pretty sweet. Just think of how big an army you could feed!

Many players are already looking forward to Travian 4.0, but the Crew members were tight lipped about it:

Question from Randomgeek: question What are some of the plans for Travian 4.0?

[10:16] <Interview> Answered by Josh: If I told you that, I’m afraid I would have to kill you. Sorry.

Yikes! That didn’t stop some players from asking about it:

Question from koentjuh1: Is T4 going to be like T3.5, or is T3.5 just a version to keep us satisfied, while T4 has a whole other concept?

[10:21] <Interview> Answered by Phanttis: T4 will be something totally awesome and a huuuuuuuuuuuuge step above T3.5! 😉

I wonder what sort of huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge changes they’ll make? More units? Different types of terrain? A new race to play as?  There are a lot of possibilities. When they made made verson 3.0 they added in Oasises and Heroes, which really added a lot of depth and variety to the game. I wonder if we’ll get something along those lines.

Question from koentjuh1: What can you tell about T4? We haven’t had any clue how it will be.

[10:49] <Interview> Answered by Phanttis: I only know it is very secret, and even if I knew something about it I would have to say that I do not know anything else about it except that it is very secret. ^^

Question from koentjuh1: What’s your opinion about the delay of T4?

[10:06] <Interview> Answered by Tranqer: I think it is important to create a product that really improves and goes way further than the existing version. T3.5 is a good alternative to offer something new, without needing to completely re-write Travian in the meantime 🙂

I agree, Travian 3.5 should be a lot of fun. I like the changes I’ve seen so far, and I’m eagerly awaiting the artifacts to see how they change the game. Version 3.0 has been out for nearly 3 years, so adding in the new content of 3.5 gives players a breath of freash air and keep things from getting monotamous.

So when is version 4.0 coming out? Here’s what the crewmembers said:

Question from Jourei: when will T4.0 come out?

[10:22] <Interview> Answered by memory: well, I’d say another year and a half to 2 years but no one really knows

 Question from koentjuh1: Is there any idea when T4 will be ready?

[10:26] <Interview> Answered by Josh: Unfortunately not. 😥

 Question from Scatux: Travian v4 is for when ?

[11:01] <Interview> Answered by Tschena: you got t3.5 some weeks ago – now you have to wait for t4 a bit 😉

That might sound like a long time, but then again a game of Travian takes a long time to finish. We’ll only have time for 2 or 3 full games of 3.5 before Travian 4.0 comes out if the crew member predictions are correct.


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