Travian Crewchat Report (Part 1)

I went to the Travian Crewchat yesterday, and had a good time asking the game’s crew a bunch of questions (along with tons of other players doing the same). You can read the entire chatlog here:

But to save everyone some time, I’ve picked out some of the juicy parts and I’ll be posting them on this site. This meeting was a Travian blogger’s dream, and there was easliy enough content in it that I could write about nothing but it for a week if I wanted to. But instead I’ll try to cover everything in three posts of less.

The number one question in the Crewmember chat was: “How can I become a crewmember.” Uncoincidently, the second most popular question during the crew member chat was: “Why aren’t crewmembers paid?” Here are the crewmembers answers to those questions in their own words:

<Interview> Question from Sola: what is the crew 0.0?

[10:44] <Interview> Answered by Buzzball: people… like multihunters supporters forum moderators admins

[10:44] <Interview> Question from Sola: i want to join the crew it sounds fun, where do i sign up

[10:44] <Interview> Answered by Chrisvc: have a look here:

Question from Night-Life: Is there need for other crewmembers?

[10:11] <Interview> Answered by memory: yes, there always is a need, apply at the link here:

Question from Night-Life: Is there need for other crewmembers?

[10:14] <Interview> Answered by Kap: we always need new crewmembers who love the game and (are) willing to help others 🙂


As I said, there were a lot of people asking about this, so hopefully many of those who did will follow through. The better the crew that runs things behind the scenes is, the better the game will be for everyone. I was recently thinking about applying for a crewmember position myself, but I decided to start this site instead.

If they start paying crewmembers, that might change my mind, but from these responses it looks like that won’t happen anytime soon:

Question from Herokles: we pay so much money to travian each month, why dont you get any money for your work? (It would) also result in higher quality mh’s (Multi-hunters) since alot of good mh’s dont wanna work for free.

[10:10] <Interview> Answered by Litch: the money helps pay for the upkeep of the servers 🙂

Question from vladan: Why (is the) travian crew not paid with actual money? (Game Admin, MH, supporters etc.)

[10:28] <Interview> Answered by Iluvatar|Afk: because we are doing this for our fun, not for money

Guess I’ll just stick to blogging then!

There were a number of “joke questions” people liked to ask the Crew members, some which were actually funny, and others that were pretty lame. Here are two of my favourites:

Question from Namebrand: If i were to get the lil travian dood tattood on my bum and advertise at parties would that get me free gold?

[10:50] <Interview> Answered by Buzzball: i doubt it but it is original

Question from IRCmeet989: if Mcdonalds gave you tons of money, would you make a tribe based on their characters?

[10:34] <Interview> Answered by Litch: Yeah 😀 I mean attacking a village with an army of Ronald McDonald’s would be awesome

In my next report I’ll go through what the crew had to say about the upgrade to Travian 3.5 and what we can look forward to in Travian 4.0!


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